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For more than 50 years, AMA Colorado has challenged a community of innovative, marketing professionals to think a little differently about what they do—and how they do it. Our focus is making you a better marketer. And we do this by delivering integrated, strategic and tactical knowledge you need to have to be the very best in your field. AMA Colorado provides education on emerging marketing trends, connects you to key resources to help you conduct smart business and pulls marketing experts together for incomparable collaborative power.


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We just started our 2021 Board Year! Learn how you can get involved as a volunteer.

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Meet The Board | Deborah Finestone

Our last featured Board Member of the 2020-2021 board year is our Secretary, Deborah Finestone. Deborah has been on the AMA Colorado Board for several years, and will be transitioning to Director of Collegiate Relations for the 2021-2022 year. Keep an eye out for more great work from Deborah this year!

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2020 Board Year in Review

As I wrap up my term as President of AMA Colorado for the 2020-21 board year a couple of feelings come to mind.

First a sigh of relief. We started the board year a few months into the Covid-19 pandemic. There was so much uncertainty in the world at that time and I was unsure if I was the right fit to lead a successful year in the midst of such turbulence and uncertainty. I decided there was no other choice but to commit to learning, growing and adapting to all the challenges that we would face throughout the year. I knew it would take a strong team to drive the chapter forward and started to build our board of directors with the best group of volunteers I could find.

Luckily I had help from 5 of the top leaders that the I have worked with over the few years - Jake Beckstead leading our Tech Team, Leanna Jackson leading MarCom, Marie Knowles leading Programming, Rebecca Green leading Community and Kristy LaPlante as our Executive Director. 

Together our team VPs were able to onboard and lead - creative, adaptable, engaged, and brilliant marketing professionals to drive chapter success across all channels. 

This leads to the second feeling that comes to mind - appreciation. I am so appreciative of the dedication, commitment and efforts that our team has made over the last year. Volunteering is a big ask. Those who join the board donate precious time out of their busy schedules to help our marketing community thrive. With out them there would be no AMA. I estimate that our board has donated over 8,000 hours of their time this past year! Thank you to the entire board for all that you have done to help our chapter and community.

Finally I wanted to note my appreciation for all of our partners, speakers, volunteers and everyone else who helped us this past year. It has been a pleasure meeting and working with thought leaders, driven professionals and impactful organizations. 

As I pass the metaphorical baton to our 2021-22 President - Marie Knowles, I wanted to highlight a little of what we were able to accomplish this last year.

Cheers to the start of a new board year!

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