AMA Colorado is a 100% volunteer run chapter. We have volunteers donate their time for projects, events or for longer-terms as leaders on our Board of Directors.

Volunteering provides an opportunity to sharpen your skills while obtaining greater access to a local community of individuals and companies that are passionate about the marketing landscape.


Volunteering is a wonderful way to leverage your skills, experience, and heart to support the community.  Our volunteers have the ability to impact our strategic initiatives, advance the study and practice of marketing in Colorado and make a real difference in the lives of fellow marketers.

In addition to giving back, volunteers get something valuable in return. You have the opportunity to develop your hard and soft skills and be exposed to technologies, strategies, and people that you would not otherwise have in the workplace. Volunteering with us is the ultimate way to get the most out of your membership.

  • New Connections - Volunteers are always in front of our members, event guests and partners. There’s no better way to build meaningful connections and expand your network than being visible, getting involved and helping to engage with marketers across Colorado!
  • Professional Development - Volunteers have a pulse on hot-button marketing trends and are exposed to new technologies, media and marketing practices. You have a unique opportunity to expand your marketing capabilities while developing and learning new skills.
  • Recognition & Awards - Volunteers are recognized for their dedication and hard work throughout the year including our Volunteer of the Month. In addition to our local recognition, National has additional programs for volunteers who go above and beyond like the Ric Sweeney Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award.
  • Exclusive Events - Volunteers are invited to attend our programming throughout the year at no charge. Additionally, we host several retreats throughout the year with food, beverages and fun activities for all our volunteers.
  • Travel & Retreats - Select volunteers will have the unique opportunity to travel to either one of the AMA Regional Retreats and Leadership Summit in Chicago. All travel, lodging and food is typically covered for these trips- just another perk of supporting our chapter and stepping into a leadership role!


Students (looking to build skills, support education)

Young Professionals (looking to enhance resume, build network)

Seasoned Professionals (grow network, recruit talent, stay apprised of trends)

Everyone is welcome to sign up as a volunteer. However, AMA Colorado members are given top priority for volunteer positions. Read more about the benefits of AMA Colorado Membership.



"I volunteer to not only broaden my network within the marketing community in Denver, but to gain further leadership experience for my career."

Deborah Finestone
Marketing Analytics Manager - Danone

"Volunteering allows me to meet a ton of new marketers in the Denver area and help them connect with each other to strengthen the AMA Colorado Community."

Jon Firth
Account Director - National CineMedia

"I want to contribute to the professional community here in Colorado, and joining a group of talented and motivated people who want to do the same is a perfect way to do that best!"

Jessa Lux
Community Manager - Clique Studios

"I volunteer to serve, connect and work with the best marketing professionals in the Denver Metro area. Also, to expand and utilize my marketing skills by tapping the various resources AMA offers. "

Bonnie Bange
Social Media Manager - Trinidad State Junior College



Our leadership committee consists of our President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, VP of DEI, and Operations Team. This committee develops and manages the chapter's strategic plan and ensures the chapter achieves operational excellence.


The communications committee is the voice of our chapter. They manage all digital marketing communications including email, social and the website.


The heart of AMA Colorado are our events. The programming committee organizes all of our webinars, industry mixers, and educational events. They also lead our annual job fair and awards ceremony.


Our community committee consists of our membership, partnership, volunteer and collegiate teams. They drive chapter growth, revenue and presence within the Colorado market.



VP of Finance

Become a member of AMA Colorado's Leadership team. You will be responsible for managing the chapter's budget, keeping a close eye on the financial health of the organization, and guiding the strategic needs and decision-making of the organization from a financial lens. 

VP of Programming

 As part of the AMA Colorado Leadership team, you will lead a team of people that run all of our virtual and in-person events. This role includes helping to reach out to the community to secure event space and speakers, and developing engaging and informative content. 


VP of Marketing Communications

As part of the AMA Colorado Leadership team, you will lead a team of people that are responsible for managing our communications. This role includes assisting with emails, social media, graphic design, and helping drive engagement with the Colorado marketing community through digital channels.

*Don't worry if you don't see any roles you want to apply for now. Register your interest below to be notified of any roles that come along that meet your criteria.

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